Troy Lodge Cottages were built on the shores and vista of the breathtaking Strait of Canso and within view of the coast of mainland Nova Scotia. The cottages are individually constructed in isolation, most often surrounded by mature trees, and with a respectful distance and orientation in order to enhance their individuality and offer a high degree of privacy. All have a unique view of the Straight of Canso, the shores of mainland Nova Scotia, and in the distance, the expansive Northumberland Strait.

Over the years Troy Lodge Cottages has developed a loyal clientele. Thus we notice many reservation by guests that come year after year. These visitors that come to Cape Breton as a tourist destination, to sojourn and see its many world class attractions, such as the Cabot Trail, the Alexander Graham Bell Museum, the Bras d'or lake, the many recreation facilities such as golf and hiking trails that are available. The Troy Lodge management encourages its visitors to take advantage of these many Cape Breton attractions by explaining and providing guidance that is much appreciated.

The overall impression one registers of Troy Lodge Cottages extensive property is above all the particular setting of each individual cottage with its view of the shoreline, positioned in a beautiful natural park setting. This park allows guests of all ages to enjoy the natural beauty of the Troy Lodge and walk in total security and serenity. Many guests have complemented the management on the well kept extensive lawns and overall landscaping, beauty and cleanliness of the cottages and surroundings.

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